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How to Approach Assessment as a Monolingual SLP

Hello Everyone,

I can’t remember if I mentioned it before, but back in February, my district provided me with an opportunity to attend a two day workshop by Dr. Celeste Roseberry-McKibben focused on the assessment and treatment of communication disorders in English Language Learners. It was a wonderful workshop! I loved how Continue reading →


Dynamic Assessment:part 2

Hello All,

So today I will write about two of the three tools in my DA toolkit: fast mapping and nonword repetition tasks.

Below is a video of Dr. Crowley and an SLP  demonstrating the task.
Fast mapping video.

In short, fast mapping allows quick incidental learning. The clinician assesses the student’s ability to learn new words from limited exposure quickly. This is different from standardized vocabulary assessments that are greatly influenced by the student’s social economic status (SES). Keep in mind that many of these standardized assessments are also not normed on bilingual/multilingual students.

Also, below is an image of my “picnic basket”. I used the tomatillo and durian and labeled them “kube” and “toeday” respectively.  The “basket” is just an old can for almonds.


The Nonword repetition task can be found on standardized assessments like the TILLS, but I use the words from Dr. Crowley’s video demonstration. As Dr. Crowley states, nonsense words are a great way to learn about a child’s language skills as well as attention and working memory.

Click here for the video demonstration of the nonsense word repetition task.

Below is a picture of the words from the video with a citation of Dollaghan & Campbell at the bottom. This is the same citation found in the video.

FullSizeRender (1)

After reading this post, will you plan to implement any of these tasks as part of your assessment?


Dynamic Assessment: my tool kit

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So I know I’ve mentioned Dynamic Assessment (DA) in past posts, but today is the day we will begin the discussion! I want to first say that I planned on just writing about it, but I’m a multi-sensory learner, so I really learned how to use this approach through…YOUTUBE! Yes, Youtube can be a great resource for learning many things :-).

I happened to find this series of instructional videos on DA last year and have been able to create and implement this with my students with success! Dr. Cate Crowley, founder and director of the LEADERSproject, is the instructor in the videos. To learn more about The LEADERSproject and her work click here.

You can also hear her description and examples of Dynamic Assessment in this short 11 minute Youtube video.

I took  a picture of the tools that I created/collected for my DA tool kit after watching a series of Dr. Crowley’s videos. My tool kit includes: 1) Pictures for the fast mapping task and a “basket” to put them in 2) List of nonsense words for the nonword repetition task 3a) A wordless picture book “Chalk” by Bill Thomson, 3b) A simple book “Me Gusta Mi Sombra” by Hans Wilhem, that I read and then discuss (in Spanish) with my students.


Tomorrow I will post about two of the three tools in my DA tool kit. I will also post the videos by Dr. Crowley, that show you step by step how to implement the tasks using the tools.

Have you heard of Dr. Crowley and her work? Have you used any of the tools within my DA kit with your students? Tell me about it in the comments!