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Huelva, Spain (JG)

Huelva, Spain (JG)

I love building my knowledge base in evidence based literature. It gives me the confidence I need to implement the most effective and functional therapy/diagnostic plans for my students and their families. Below are some links to articles that I have referenced in my search for understanding as a spanglish SLP 🙂

1. Phonological Awareness in Spanish: A tutorial for speech-language pathologists
2. Phonological Awareness Skill of Segmenting in Bilingual English Spanish Speaking 4 and 5 Year Old Children
3. Spanish Influenced English: Typical Semantic and Syntactic Patterns of the English Language Learner
4. Code Switching in an English Spanish Speaking Bilingual Child: A Communication Resource
5. Language Sample Measures and Language Ability in Spanish English Bilingual Kindergarteners

1.  Interaction in Bilingual Phonological Acquisition: Evidence from Phonetic Inventories
2. English Speech Sound Development in Preschool Aged Children From Bilingual English Spanish Environments  link to abstract.
3. Assessement and Treatment of Bilingual Persons Who Stutter: What Clinicians Want and Need to Know  link to abstract
4. Evaluación e intervención en niños con trastornos fonológicos y riesgo de dificultad de aprendizaje de la lectura y escritura (this article is in Spanish)
5. Intervención en dificultades fonológicas (this slideshow is in Spanish)



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