About Me


Madrid, Spain JG)

Madrid, Spain (JG)

I am a state licensed ASHA certified speech-language pathologist in a public school district in North Carolina. I have been working professionally for almost seven years in both pediatric and adult settings. Although I enjoy working with all age groups, I particularly enjoy working with children who are English Language Learners (ELL) at the elementary level.

In undergrad, I participated in a short term study abroad program in Mexico where I traveled to various cities such as Guadalajara, Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende, and Mexico City. The experience sparked an interest in learning the Spanish language outside the classroom walls and I found myself spending the summer after graduate school in Madrid, Spain as an English tutor. I will say that I learned the bulk of my Spanish during that immersion experience!

Now that I am married with two little girls, traveling is a bit more challenging, but my passion for the Spanish language and culture is still strong!

My goal with this blog is to share my experience as an English speaking SLP who works with Spanish ELL students. Look out for blog post topics that range from assessment and treatment ideas, goal writing, to any fun research articles I find, and app reviews.

I truly hope the information on this blog is resourceful to you as a reader, and you leave with a little more confidence on how to effectively service your caseload of bilingual Spanish students!



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