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Spanish Language Materials from TPT

Hello Everyone!

Hopefully for all those in the schools, your school year has started off well! For me, it definitely has had some bumps, but I’m optimistic!

Below are some fun materials that I have found on the teachers pay teachers website that I’m currently using with my Spanish ELL students during therapy that you may like!

Are there any specific sellers or products that you like on TPT for Spanish ELLs? Please share in the comments below!

SELLER: Señora Casado Spanish and Math
Reading Comprehension Kindergarten Bilingual English and Spanish
Spanish Reading Comprehension for Emergent Readers
Spanish Reading Comprehension Bundle (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer Themes)
WHY I BOUGHT IT: I wanted something that I can use with my RTI/MTSS students at school, but also could be sent home as “homework” for the parents to work on as well in their native language.

SELLER: Naranja Dulce
Spanish Articulation and Phonology Assessment
WHY I BOUGHT IT: I bought this product last school year. I use the screener as a way to get baseline data on my Spanish speaking students who are working on articulation/phonology goals. I have not really used the full assessment part yet.

SELLER: Bilingual Speechie
Speech and Language Screener – Spanish (Grades 1st-3rd)
WHY I BOUGHT IT: I bought this at the beginning of this school year as a way to get baseline data/snapshot of Spanish language skills for all my Spanish ELLs. I like the concept of the screen but I think I’ll create my own that specifically probes areas such as: use of article + noun phrases, clitics (direct/indirect object pronouns), gender agreement, use of plural articles etc. because what I learned from my Summer Study in Ecuador, is that these areas hold clinical significance in the Spanish of bilingual children.

SELLER: Spanish Speech Therapy
¿Quién? ¿Donde? and ¿Que? Basic questions for early learners
WHY I BOUGHT IT: I  actually have not started using this yet because I want to print it out in color. But I love the concept of it. I plan on using this product as a supplement in therapy with my phonology students and my HI students using the core vocabulary approach. Remind me to tell you how it goes! Hopefully I can start this coming week!

SELLER: Sarah Wu
-None yet! The ones I want I’ll need to either wait for a sale or save up for them!…but I LOVE her blog and her materials look fantastic. She is a bilingual (English-Spanish) Speech Language Pathologist. Check out her blog speech is beautiful .