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Hola from Quito!

Hello Everyone!

Today is my first day in Quito! I will be here for 6 weeks taking a course through Portland State University, that allows graduate students and working speech-language pathologists to travel to Ecuador, to learn best practice working with Spanish speakers with communication disorders.

In addition to clinical experience, I  am staying with a host family and will be taking Spanish classes at a local school 12 hours per week! Talk about intense language immersion!

I am excited about all of the experience I will get while being here…and I must admit, I am also excited to meet with Dr. Christina Gildersleeve-Neumann, the department head at Portland State University, as well as a researcher in the area of speech sound disorders in bilingual Spanish/English children. I actually have referenced some of her research when working with my Spanish ELLs!

I look forward to sharing with you all the wealth of knowledge I will gain while here in Quito.

Have you ever been part of an immersion experience? Please post your experience below!